Virtual Music Centre

Frequently Asked Questions​

Who can attend the new activities?

The new Virtual Music Centre is open to all BHMA and ESM Music Centre Members.


I am not presently a BHMA or ESM Music Centre Member can I join in?

Yes, we welcome as many young musicians that want to get involved and there is one application process for both existing and new Music Centre members.


What tech equipment do I need to get involved?

All you need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and access to the internet. We have provided easy to use step by step guides with video tutorials and online support if needed. Click here for our Tips for Learning Online.


Is there a cost to be a member of the VMC?

There is one set fee to take part in VMC activities during the summer term. The membership fee for VMC (spring term 2021) will be £70. For membership of the Family Singing Club Online only the fee is £40.


I am already a Music Centre member and receive a bursary, will this continue?

Yes, all present bursaries will continue at the same level as last term.


When will VMC sessions start?

We plan to re-start activities on 12th January 2021 (depending on applicant numbers).


Who will be leading VMC sessions?

A range of experienced conductors, teachers and music leaders from the BHMA and ESM team. Find out more about out teachers on Meet the Tutors.


Will we all be playing together?

Nothing replaces the feeling of playing live with other musicians but while that is not currently possible for most people using online platforms, we are developing creative music-making activities to help young musicians feel more connected. We will be working towards performance outcomes that can be shared both digitally now and live, in the future.