VIP Studio Sessions Provides Easy and Safe Access for Students In and Out of School

Many of our teachers tell us that their students are using VIP out of school in their own time, as part of homework or on their own initiative.

"They can go home and log in, give them their VIP cards and they can create. They’ve got the tools, the literacy tools to be able to create their own raps, and understand the process behind it as well."

--Anthea Roue, Head of Music, New Rickstones Academy, Essex

"Students have been so motivated to continue working on their projects at home and around the school, it has been great to see pupils so passionate!"

--Anthea Roue, Head of Music, New Rickstones Academy, Essex

Once a student is given his/her own login, they are free to access the site from anywhere with an internet connection. This encourages continuation of their musical practice at home, something which is traditionally more common with instrumental learning.


There is no additional cost for all your students to have a login. It’s all included in the cost of the school’s licence. This ensures that students for whom private music lesson costs would be prohibitive can get involved, and it expands the appeal of music to those who are more interested in contemporary genres.

The students love to be able to carry on with their compositions away from the classroom and are really excited to show the teachers their work.

"We are loving VIP at Joyce Frankland Academy because it’s engaging students who didn’t believe they were “musicians”, and the lessons feel really positive. The students love it because they can create music at home and at school."

--Mark Knights, Music Teacher, Joyce Frankland Academy

"My students have just started on VIP and they love it… When I told them they could access it at home they were over the moon!"

--William Searl, Performing Arts Faculty Team Leader, Colchester Academy, Essex

"We’re loving VIP at the James Hornsby School because students can log on outside the lesson to continue the composition they’ve started and the making a beat resources are clear to understand and make our students feel more independent when composing."

--Jessica Langley, Head of Music, James Hornsby School

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We don’t ask for any payment details. At the end of the trial you can choose to order, or simply allow the trial to expire. Subscriptions to VIP Studio Sessions cost from £295.