Music Lessons

Could your child be a musician of the future?

Learning to sing or play an instrument is great fun and can help support many other areas of learning. With more than 20 instruments available your child could learn a musical instrument either at their school or at one of our Music Centres. Find out more by taking a look round our website, contact us on / 01273 261565 or apply online today.

A wide range of instrumental and vocal learning opportunities are available for children and young people in Brighton & Hove including:​

Instrumental and Vocal Lessons 

Small group tuition provided on over 20 instruments in the early stages of learning.

Gifted and Talented Schemes 

1:1 tuition for more advanced musicians.

Out of School Learning 

Opportunities to sing in choirs, play in orchestras and join bands at our Music Centres and at Courses and Projects throughout the year.


Concerts held throughout the year in the city and further afield. 


Please see the short video for an overview of the musical activities available in Brighton & Hove.

  • Lessons take place at school in small groups in early stages of learning

  • Help towards cost of lessons is available for families on low incomes

  • Instruments are available to hire with reductions for families on low income

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