Terms and Conditions: April 2021 – March 2022

Parents, carers and pupils must follow the Brighton & Hove Music & Arts and East Sussex Music terms and conditions. Due to the recent amalgamation of the two services, there may be some small differences to the Terms and Conditions of each and it will be made clear what these differences are. We reserve the right to renew fees and term and conditions periodically and without notice.


1. Weekly instrumental lessons


We have a three-term academic year: Autumn, Spring and Summer.


A) Lessons

We will offer a minimum of 30 lessons to your child during the 38-week school year and you will receive an invoice at the beginning of each term, usually in September, January and April. Depending on the length of each term the exact number of lessons offered may vary but, in total, at least 30 lessons will be offered in an academic year.


The termly fee covers the cost of group tuition for a minimum of 3 children learning together in a 30-minute lesson. At our discretion, if there are only 2 children learning in a class, a paired 20-minute lesson may be offered for the same fee.  If the number of children learning in a group reduces to 2 during the course of a term, we reserve the right to reduce the lesson duration to 20 minutes without notice. If it is not possible to offer your child group tuition, a temporary individual 15-minute lessons may be offered until it is possible for your child to be grouped with others. 


Individual lessons may also be available subject to availability for which different charges apply.  To transfer from group tuition to individual tuition please email bhma@brightondome.org or esm@brightondome.org to confirm your request.


Lessons will continue to be provided from one term to the next and you will receive an invoice each term until you tell us that lessons are no longer required (please see ending your contract below). This applies even if your child is changing school e.g. from Primary to Secondary school, as arrangements are made to support transition.


We reserve the right to offer online tuition as an alternative, should we be unable to offer face-to-face lessons due to circumstances beyond our control (such as school closure). 


See our page for lesson costs.


B) Payment

​We will invoice you at the beginning of each term and payment is due within two weeks of receiving your invoice.  If payment is not received, following a reminder and with a revised deadline, regrettably we will have to stop your child’s tuition and any other children receiving tuition on your account. 

If you’re having difficulty paying please contact us to discuss how we might be able to help.



C) Missed lessons

There are 38 weeks in the school year within which we offer a minimum of 30 lessons.


Where reasonable notice is given, we will do our best to re-schedule lessons missed due to exams, school trips, or unexpected school closures. However, if this is not possible, we are unable to refund or credit missed lessons.


If your child is unable to attend five or more consecutive lessons due to illness, please provide a medical certificate confirming the reason for non-attendance, and we will credit your account for the cost of the missed lessons.


We will charge 20% of the first invoice if your child does not take up tuition once offered, to cover administration costs.


We give credits:

  • if you have not been offered 30 lessons in the school year (eg teacher illness).

  • due to 5 consecutive lessons being missed due to medical reasons provided a medical certificate is produced.

We don’t give credits:

  • for situations outside our control, such as when the venue is closed for safety reasons (severe weather etc.).

  • when a student misses a lesson, for example school trips, school exams, illness or they forgot


D) Changing instrument 

In exceptional circumstances and subject to teacher availability, at our discretion it may be possible to change to a different instrument during a term. If this is not possible the remaining lessons of term must be completed, and our usual terms and conditions will apply.


E) Help with Fees

Some families on low incomes may be eligible for a discount on fees through our Young Musicians Bursary Scheme. The levels of support and application process differ between the geographical areas of the region due to arrangements made with Brighton & Hove City Council and East Sussex County Council respectively.


Financial support is only available to qualifying students in full time education and limited funds are available each year. The student will need to be in reception-year to year-13 and in full time education at a state school. Pupils at independent schools, Sixth Form Colleges or schools outside East Sussex are not eligible for the scheme.

We review eligibility for the scheme annually and you must inform us immediately if your entitlement to benefit changes.

Financial support is only available for one set of instrumental lessons, music centre and hire charges per child. If your child takes up a second instrument, you will need to pay full fees on the lessons and hire.

F) Ending your contract

If your child wishes to stop lessons, please let us know by emailing withdraw@brightondome.org by the date below: 

  • ​​1st December to stop at the end of the autumn term (late December)

  • 1st March to stop at the end of the spring term (late March/early April)

  • 1st July to stop at the end of the summer term (late July)

​We cannot accept verbal notification or notification to your child’s teacher or school. These dates apply even if your child is changing schools as arrangements are made for lessons to continue from one academic year to the next.


You will be charged a late withdrawal fee equivalent to half a term's fee if notice to withdraw is not received by the above dates. This does not entitle you to any lessons, as it is a late-notice charge.  The reason we set these withdrawal dates is that Teachers' schedules are prepared at the end of each term in preparation for the following term.


​If lessons have already begun in a term and at least one lesson has been attended, the full term's fee is payable.


​When you withdraw from tuition you must return any hired instruments to the teacher or one of our offices.


Privacy Statement

We take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us. To read our organisation’s full privacy statement please click here



2. Weekly area music centre and ensemble activities


Terms and conditions are as for weekly instrumental lessons (see section 1 above) plus the following:

A) The Music Centre membership charge is an all-inclusive charge for multiple classes. We don’t give credits if a class is unattended or cancelled for reasons beyond our control.

B) Conduct and Attendance

The teaching staff and the area manager will ask a pupil to leave if:

  • they feel a pupil is often disruptive, or

  • their attendance is poor.


C) Auditioned Ensembles

Auditions are usually held during the summer term for membership to start at the beginning of the following academic year. However, subject to places being available, auditions can be arranged at other points during the year. Please contact us for further information about auditions.  

3. Workshops, short courses, events and summer school


The above terms and conditions apply unless you receive different terms and conditions with your application form.

A) We can refuse applications if you owe money for other services.

B) Cancellation

To cancel your place and receive a 50% refund:

  • you must contact us to withdraw your application at least 21 days before the published start date of the activity

We can’t refund after this time without a very good reason such as severe illness or injury. We may need a doctor’s note in order to process any refund.

C) Conduct

We want everyone to enjoy the course and be safe. The Course Director can ask a disruptive student to leave. We would ask parents to collect the child immediately. There is no refund and the decision is final.

D) Absence from school

If the activity takes place during school hours, you must get permission for your child to be absent from school.