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Below is a list of activities which will link to the following Arts Award units:

Arts Award Level


















  • Discover the Arts


  • Inspire


  • Create


  • Take Part in an Arts Activity


  • Arts Challenge



  • Arts Practice


  • The Wider Arts Sector



  • Take part in different arts activities


  • Take part in a range of arts activities and record what inspires you

  • Make art work to show your arts skills and creativity


  • Choose anything from sculpture to storytelling tomusic production and record your progress

  • Set yourself a challengein your chosen arts activity through discussionwith your adviser. Plan your work and review your achievements

  • Extend your arts skills bygaining experience of a new area of the arts through collaboration

  • Get involved in thearts world through placements, volunteering, trainingand research


We offer a wide range of dance, instrumental and vocal learning opportunities for children and young people in Brighton & Hove aged 5 – 19 years:


Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

Small group and 1:1 tuition provided on over 20 instruments! Click here


Join a music group

Over 30 groups to join, including instrumental ensembles, orchestras, bands, choirs, music technology, film, animation and Children’s Music Workshops. Click here


Join a dance group

For young dancers, opportunities are provided through the Young Dancers Collective programme and the nationally acclaimed Youth Dance Company. Click here


In-School learning

The after-school clubs and classwork you do at school (such as Soundmakers or Children’s Parade) can count towards your Arts Award! Click here



We work with 26 partner organisations who offer a wide range of arts activities which you can include in your Arts Award portfolio. Click here


Summer Schools

A range of courses offered every year during July - with opportunities for musicians already learning and for those with no previous expereince.


Opportunities for volunteering, placements, and artist shadowing

For more information on these opportunities please contact Emma Collins.


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