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In previous blogs colleagues have written about the importance of collaboration and performance, two important elements included in our vision statement. In the month of May when the Brighton Festival is all around us I am particularly struck by the amazing range of partnerships that lead to such creative outcomes across a whole variety of Artforms.

The power of partnership was displayed nowhere more strongly than at Brighton Youth Orchestra's fantastic Music from Around the World concert in front of a packed audience last Sunday. The audience was treated to an amazing collaboration between the orchestra and Wai Sing Fat, a guest soloist and virtuoso performer on the Dizi. If you didn’t know (and I certainly didn’t) the Dizi is type of bamboo flute best described as a cross between a flute, recorder and oboe. In a further partnership between Brighton Youth Orchestra String Ensemble and the University of Brighton’s Sound designers an amazing range of musical timbres were produced through recording and digitally treating the sound of the string players.

The musical partnerships continued with a massed choir made up of young voices from Glyndebourne, our Youth Choir, Cardinal Newman, Varndean, Longhill, Hove Park and PACA who joined forces with the orchestra and conductors from Glyndebourne. Speaking to the heads of music (who could hardly contain their enthusiasm after the concert) all commented on the fantastic opportunity that this partnership approach gave their students, something individually they could not possibly have provided. Some of the young singers had never seen some of the instruments being played let alone had the opportunity to be accompanied by a full symphony orchestra. What memories those young performers (and I am sure their parents) will take away from this experience and huge congratulations to them all for providing a concert of such variety and quality!

Continuing the partnership theme, we are of course in the process of transferring out of the council to become part of Brighton Dome and Festival (BDBF). Whilst we have worked successfully with the BDBF over many years, we will soon have an opportunity to work more closely as the partnership is formalised. We have worked for some considerable time to plan for the sustainability of the service knowing that we would no longer receive funding from the Local Authority. Whilst the leadership team genuinely feels excited about the partnership with BDBF, of course it is important to recognise that any kind of change can be unsettling. In view of this one to one meetings are available for colleagues to meet with colleagues from HR over the coming weeks. In addition please don’t hesitate to contact your line manager if you have any questions about the transfer process.

Only another week until half term and a well deserved break!


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