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So Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner which means lots of chocolate and concerts!

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As some of you may know we're currently running a project in conjunction with the OAE and BREMF called Bass Lines. The project is offering students a free term of lessons on minority instruments. We have 10 viola players at Stanford Infants, 5 French horns at both Goldstone and St Andrews as well as 8 bassoonists at Woodingdean. It's great to see these pupils so enthused and showing great commitment to their lessons and practice. The project is promoting several performance opportunities this year, 2 of which have already happened; last month's Festival of Strings and this past weekend at Music Centre. The project links to King Arthur, a new opera, that's been written by James Redwood. The opera is a reimagining of the legend in which Arthur starts as a bad, neglectful King who learns his lesson and changes his ways once the people have revolted.

Music co-ordinators from the schools involved attended a workshop last week where we learnt the material that the children will sing within the opera. It will be performed on June 17th by one hundred year 4/5 pupils alongside the OAE and 2 opera singers. o360 are also involved and are going to create and perform music for one of the scenes. As well as James' new music the score also contains some original Purcell, all of which will be played on period instruments by the OAE players. I’m really excited about the production, it’s on a far bigger scale than I had imagined and the music will sound amazing with the mass of 100+ voices.

The performance will be at St John the Evangelist's Church, Knoyle Road starting at 15:00.

Shared Resources I thought I'd end my blog with my digital hat on. I know that quite a lot of us frequently share resources already but I'd like to try and make our sharing easier and wider reaching. I’ve often found lot of material to use/adapt from other teams and would like to help other people access our wealth of knowledge.

Where is best to share resources? Dropbox or the Staff Area on the website?

There are few websites I use regularly that some of you may not know: 1. International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP)

This is a public domain library that contains thousands of downloadable pieces of music that are no longer in copyright: orchestral scores, individual orchestral parts and solo repertoire.

2. Flute Tunes

This website has lots of repertoire mainly aimed at flute players, but can be used by any single line instrument. Each piece is downloadable as a pdf and comes with a backing track. If you opt to download the backing track as a midi file you're able to transpose and adjust the speed according to your needs.

3. Sax Resources

Alastair has many videos of performances and backing-tracks for lots of the clarinet and saxophone grades 1-5 pieces and there are more and more pieces each time I check. He also has a tab for Flute so I assume he is planning to add to this too.

4. Sheet music cover

This website has lots of current chart music. Each comes with a variety of instrument options and downloadable track. This website is great because all the pieces are in the original key so kids can play along with their favourite track. Do you have any websites that you use that we should be sharing? Please let me know and we can share those with everyone too.

If I don't see you before Friday have a great Easter holiday and an eggcellent break (sorry, I know that’s awful but couldn't resist!)


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