Self-Paced Video Courses

If you have a busy lifestyle this is the option for you. These self-paced videos are designed to help you get started in learning ukulele, drums or guitar at your own speed. Each course is delivered in ten easy to digest sessions and has a support pack giving you the perfect foundations to get on your way. 

Suitable for age 7 +

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You will have life-time access to 10 lessons over 120 minutes including basic chords, strumming patterns and combine to learn three different popular songs from the rockschool ukulele series. Once completed you can use your new skills to learn your favourite songs or create your own.


All you need is a Ukulele

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You will have life-time access to 10 lessons over 90 minutes including video resources to get you started learning the drums. In this course you will work from picking up the sticks and putting together the drum kit through to your very first song with fills and rudiments along the way. A specially created group of songs will get you playing your first rock beat and have you ready to jam with anyone!


Access to a drum kit or practice pad.

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Join Faye as she takes you through the beginning steps of picking up the guitar using a range of different parts from songs you are sure to recognise!


All you need is a Guitar.

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