Gift the Magic of Music to your child

This Christmas why not gift the joys of learning music to your friends and loved ones? We are on a mission to bring the magic of music into every home and school in Brighton & Hove with music lessons in school, at home or online. We know learning music helps young people to unlock imagination, lifts spirits and improves literacy, numeracy and listening skills. So with us and our expert music teachers, your child will learn to harness the magical power of music to boost their confidence and creative skills for life.

We are very pleased to be returning to face-to-face tuition in the majority of schools during the autumn term.  Following the latest update to guidance from the Department for Education, we are working closely with individual schools to ensure a safe and effective return to face-to-face teaching.

Teaching online during the lockdown period was very successful and so we are also continuing to offer online lessons for those pupils who cannot yet be taught in school and/or who may prefer to learn online. We are also putting plans in place to make sure that all tuition could be continued online in the event of a future lockdown or temporary school closures.

New learners can apply now for lessons in school or for online lessons.​

Here’s what you get in a captivating musical experience with us:

  • We teach over 4,000 children each week, this makes us the biggest musical teaching service in the area and our teachers are experts!

  • We offer the most competitive rates and funding is available for families on low income. 

  • With over 20 instruments* to choose from, we have so much choice.

  • Lessons are fun - children love to learn music with friends

  • Our teachers nurturing your children with feedback and guidance given at every step

  • We are flexible with options to learn at school or at home online, or both!

  • We offer opportunities for your children to play in orchestras and join bands at our music centres and projects throughout the year.

Plus this year we are offering;​

  • free virtual music workshops

  • free interactive demo lesson