Terms and Conditions: Instrument Hire

The hire fee will be invoiced termly in advance. The Hire Fee and Replacement Value may vary over time. Notice will be given in the event of any change. 

The Hirer agrees to take all reasonable care to safeguard the musical instrument.

The Hirer is responsible for any loss or damage to the instrument and for replacing items that need replacing due to wear and tear, i.e. strings, valve oil, reeds etc. The Hirer must ensure that the instrument is adequately insured against loss or damage, however incurred. If the instrument is lost or stolen, the Hirer will pay the owner the full replacement cost within 28 days. Any loss or damage must be notified to the owner immediately.


Brighton & Hove Music & Arts / East Sussex Music must be informed of and approve any necessary repairs before any work is undertaken. Only BHMA/ESM approved repairers may be used. Unapproved repairs, which result in poor quality or inappropriate repair may result in the full replacement value being due.

The Hirer may terminate this agreement by returning the instrument before the end of term, and paying any monies due for hire or repairs.

If the Hirer defaults in any payment due or fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions, the Owner may terminate this agreement by giving written notice to the Hirer, and in that event the instrument must be returned to Brighton & Hove Music & Arts / East Sussex Music within 14 days.


The Owner may require to exchange the hired instrument for a comparable one at any time or in the case of a stringed instrument to upgrade the size. This does not affect the general Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.

The Hirer must arrange for the instrument to be returned to Brighton & Hove Music & Arts / East Sussex Music on termination of the Hire Agreement. The Hirer is responsible for the instrument until such time as it is returned to a member of Brighton & Hove Music and Arts / East Sussex Music teaching staff or at the above address.

Other than default on payment by the Hirer or failure to comply with these Terms & Conditions, the owner may terminate this Agreement at any time giving one term’s notice in advance.

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