Get Started: Online Music Lessons for all Ages

Unleash your creativity and learn music your way, or gift the joy of learning music to your loved ones this Christmas!


Our online music courses are specially designed to give you different entry points for learning an instrument - each one is tailored to match skill level and lifestyle. Beginner, improver or advanced, we can help you on your way to start your music journey. 


Choose from one-to-one teaching or self-paced videos, and whichever route or instrument you choose, our experienced teachers will give you the perfect grounding and guidance. 

As the largest music school in Brighton & East Sussex, we have over 20 years' experience teaching thousands of students, our music teachers are the absolute best in their field. And we have finessed a fail proof approach to learning an instrument online.  


So, dust off those keys, pick up that old guitar, bring out the drum kit in the corner of your garage, and get started today. 

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One-to-One Online Music Lessons


Self-paced Video Courses