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Below is a list of activities which will link to the following units:



Find Out




Arts Heroes and Heroines


Arts Research


Research and Review


The Wider Arts Sector (research)

Arts Award Level















  • Experience artists and their work


  • Experience the work of artists and arts organisations


  • Which artist or craftsperson inspires you? Research the story of their work and life

  • Find out about artists and arts activities in your area and beyond, and research arts training and opportunities

  • Go to high-qualityarts events, use them to influence your work and findout about the artists and their career paths

  • Get involved in thearts world through placements, volunteering, trainingand research



There are many ways to find out about professional artists and arts organisations. Talk to your teacher, music tutor or Arts Award adviser about one of these options, or come up with your own ideas:

  • Opportunities for volunteering, placements, internships, artist shadowing

  • Opportunities to meet artists & producers

  • Careers events

  • Online resources



We work with 26 partner organisations who offer a wide range of arts activities which you can include in your Arts Award portfolio. Click here


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