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Our Future Music is working with researcher Marusa Levstek from the School of Psychology at University of Sussex to develop tools and evaluate the work alongside her PHD research. 


The programme is assessed in five outcome areas:


  • Workforce (improved quality of music delivery for children and young people)

  • Organisational (increased musically inclusive practice in Music Education Hub)

  • Musical (improved musical understanding and skills of children and young people with SEN/D and/or in economically and culturally-deprived areas)

  • Personal (increased wellbeing of children and young people with SEN/D and/or in economically and culturally deprived areas)

  • Social (increased collaboration, team-work and cooperation skills developed by children and young people with SEN/D and/or in economically and culturally deprived areas)


In our first year of this programme, the five hubs delivered 221 music sessions and 10 taster sessions.  We engaged with 389 young people across the south east, delivering of which 188 were engaging with their Music Education Hub for the first time. 47 young people progressed to other cultural activities.


Activities included music technology and production, instrumental and vocal tuition, composition, song-writing, DJ’ing, rap, percussion, improvisation and performance. The programme also offers opportunities for youth leadership and volunteering.


681 professionals took part in training or professional development, 73 practitioners facilitated inclusive music activities and 33 partner organisations were involved. We shared the practice we’ve developed with 43 other organisations.


Some early indicators against the three of the five outcomes have been identified from 38 session reports:


Musical Outcomes


Learning instruments: (e.g. “She is also starting to troubleshoot problems for example with the bass amp and is able to recognise position of specific notes on the bass”),

Editing software: (e.g. “L. [...] learnt about editing on logic”)

Recording: (e.g. “E. recorded original song.”)

Increased confidence in programme activities: (e.g. “P. and J. were singing and recording after being shy”)

Performing: (e.g. “I. performed […] in front of everyone. This was a big deal for her.”)

Performing outside the sessions: (e.g. “M. spoke about the potential to perform at a festival”)

As a career choice: (e.g. “H. started considering that this could be a way of life for him.”)


Personal Outcomes


Wellbeing: (e.g. “S. was elated by the sounds he was generating”, “I. expressed how singing helps with stress and anger”)

Self-worth and self esteem: (e.g. “L. sang after being really shy for the last couple of weeks”, “S. said ‘I'm really getting it, improving week on week, growing in confidence and enjoying the idea of challenging each other in rapping [...] I'm feeling the vibe’”)

Aspiration and Motivation: (e.g. “B. showed [staff member] the music he's been making at home”) and stayed after the sessions to practice (e.g. “At the end of one piece, Daniel R who showed more confidence on piano last week, continued to play, improving and playing with intention and in the correct key (E major) to add some beautiful chords during the final section of the space piece”)


Social Outcomes


Ability to work with new people: (e.g. “E. [YP participant] assisted in song writing and helped bring P. and J. out of their shell”)

Ability to interact effectively: (e.g“Older lads and younger lads complimented each other’s work”, “On her arrival, there was no drum kit for E. to play. We were able to set one up quickly and E. waited until it was ready. In the past she may have walked out/been very distressed if the kit was not ready for her but that didn’t happen today.”)

Increasingly connected: (e.g. “the young women who had been previously disengaged were chatting”, “groups who wouldn't typically engage connected over music”)


'I just want to thank you guys for the difference you are making to Brody’s life at the moment. He gets so much from these sessions and comes home buzzing every time.' Sian, Parent.

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