Welcome to encore, the fundraising network for supporters of Brighton Youth Orchestra and all the city ensembles managed by Brighton & Hove Music and Arts. encore keeps young musicians in touch and supports the next generation of musical talent.




Help young people feel connected through music making in Brighton & Hove

Who we are

At encore we raise money for a Hardship Fund supporting young musicians who would otherwise be unable to access lessons at Brighton & Hove Music & Arts. 

Brighton & Hove Music & Arts teaches 4,000 young musicians and they have been working hard to ensure that lessons can continue online throughout summer term and beyond. They want to share their passion for music and to encourage young musicians to keep making music while they are at home.

Help us raise £5000 for 500 lessons in 12 weeks!

We need your help to fundraise enough money to support families in Brighton & Hove who need music for their children and young people the most.

More and more of our families are finding it hard to prioritise music lessons for their children at this time, and now more than ever, music can be a bedrock for our young people’s happiness and stability.

We need music in our lives 

Music energises and helps us cope with difficult times. Young people tell us that they see music-making as an essential part of their lives - it makes them feel worthwhile and helps them explore their emotions. They draw on it as a tool to convey and reflect their feelings. Science has proved that music changes emotional states and helps to regulate moods.

The creative process of making music has a deep and profound impact on well-being and during this uncertain time, young people are feeling disconnected, unable to socialise with their peers. Our aim is to support them and get them through these difficult times through the power of music. 

How the money will be spent 

Brighton & Hove Music & Arts have created online tutorials and help guides, and more importantly are providing young people with live online lessons with supportive teachers.

The good news is that a little goes a long way online:

For every £10 donated, we can give a music lesson online. 

And if you tick Gift Aid this adds a whopping 25% to every donation.


Thank you! 


Your help will give chances to young people who need a musical life-line and a safe place to navigate their emotions and moods at this time. All through the power of writing and playing music. 


85% of young people say music made them feel happy 

Music is vital for young people 

Music is strength    

Music connects

Music lifts spirits 


Help us to #KeepMakingMusic  


*stats and report findings from www.youthmusic.org.uk/music-powerful-contributor-young-people-wellbeing




We’re looking for musicians of all ages who will help us get the word out, with the help of a little bit of music! If that could be you, we’d like you to record a short video of a piece of music you love, and tell us why music is important for young people. For details of what we need and where to send it, check out the information below.

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