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The BYO has been offering talented young musicians in Brighton awe inspiring and life changing opportunities ever since it was founded in the late 1940’s.  We have some fantastic archive materials including photographs, programmes and videos but need your help to expand and catalogue the archive.


BYO 2000

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BYO 'The Magic of China' 10th June 2000.jpg
BYO 1, Cllr Steve Langston Memorial, 17th June 2001.jpg
BYO Brighton and Hove New Synagogue, 1st December 2001.jpg
BYO Brighton Center, 2rd March 200.jpg
BYO Church of the Good Sheperd, 16th February 2001.jpg
BYO Clair Hall, 25th March 2000.jpg
BYO Hong Kong Shatin Towh auditorium, 23rd Aprils2000.jpg
BYO Hove Town Hall, 17th July 2004.jpg
BYO Lewes Town Hall, Saturday 20th April 2002.jpg
BYO St Andrew's Church, 13th April.jpg
BYO St Bartholomew's Church, 30th December 2001.jpg
BYO St Bartholomew's Church, 30th December 2002.jpg
BYO St Bartholomew's Church, 30th December 2003.jpg
BYO St Martin with St Wilfrid,  14th February.jpg
BYO St Martin, 20th November 1998.jpg
00377-Brighton Centre 23rd March 2000.jpg
00378-BYO 'Ekstasis', 11th May 2001.jpg
BYO St Martin, 25th April 1998.jpg
00379-BYO 1, Cllr Steve Langston Memorial, 17th June 2001.jpg
BYO St Mary's Church, 5th December 2003.jpg
00362-Argus 19th May 2004.jpg
00380-BYO Dyke Road, 16th February 2001.jpg
BYO St Peter's Church, 30th December 2000.jpg
00363-Argus, 'The Place to Be' , 25th March 2000.jpg
00381-BYO Gala Concert Programme, 13th July 2003.jpg
BYO The Dome, 19th May 2002.jpg
00364-Argus, 'Town's Tales' , 11th December 2000.jpg
00382-BYO Jubilee Concert, 17th July 2004.jpg
00352-Andy and a Clown.jpg
BYO, 'Symphonie Fantastique', 3rd December.jpg
00383-BYO St. Mary's Church, 5th December 2003.jpg
00365-Argus, BYO and Music service Merge Proposed, 3rd September 2003.jpg
00343-'Sucsessful Performance' Hong Kong Orchestra.jpg
00353-Andy and Co. on Tour.jpg
BYO, BYO2 The Dome, 18th May 2003.jpg
00366-Argus, City Bid, 9th March 2000.jpg
00384-BYO- Tour to Scotland 2002.jpg
00354-BYO 2000 Black and White.jpg
00344-BYO Concerts, Season 2001-2002.jpg
BYO1 All Saints Church, 8th February 2002.jpg
00367-Argus, Music Evening, 7th Februrary 2000.jpg
00385-BYO1 'The Magic of China' 10th Junw 2000.jpg
00355-BYO 2000 Colour.jpg
00345-Music for Youth Award, July 2001.jpg
00368-Argus, Review BYO Concert, 24th May 2006.jpg
00386-BYO1 All Saints Church, 17th June 2001.jpg
BYO1 Hove Town Hall, 5th May 2000.jpg
00346-Newsletter December 2000.jpg
00356-BYO 2001.jpg
00369-Brighton & Hove News, Place to Be, May 2000.jpg
00388-BYO1 St. Andrew's Church, 13th April 2003.jpg
00357-BYO 2002.jpg
Evelyn Glennie, 16th May 2004.jpg
00347-Rough Guide, Season 2000-2001.jpg
00370-Brighton Festival Music, April 23rd 2004.jpg
00387-BYO1 St. Andrew's Church, 6h December 2002.jpg
00348-Rough Guide, Season 2001-2002.jpg
00358-BYO 2003.jpg
Peacehaven Community School, 2nd December.jpg
00371-BYO and Music service Merge.jpg
00389-BYO1 St. Paul's Church, 26th March 2004.jpg
00349-Rough Guide, Season 2002-2003.jpg
00359-St John's Cathedral, Exterior, Hong Kong 2000.jpg
s BYO Ajex Center, 26th January 2003.jpg
00372-Children First, BYO and Music service Merge.jpg
00391-BYO1+BYO2 All Saints Church, 30th January 2004.jpg
00350-Schools Prom, November 2001.jpg
00360-St John's Cathedral, Hong Kong 2000.jpg
00373-City News, Youth Concerts, July 2005.jpg
St Bartholomew's Church, 11th May 2001.jpg
00390-BYO1- Tour to Holland, July 2003.jpg
00351-Thank you, Tallat Family 23rd of August 2008.jpg
00361-St John's Cathedral,with HK Cathedral Choir, Hong Kong 2000.jpg
00374-Coastline, Night of 1000 Stars, April 2000.jpg
St Bartholomew's Church, 11th May 2008.jpg
00392-Christmas Course Concert, 30th December 2002.jpg
00375-Leader 14th May 2004.jpg
St Peter's Church , 12th June 2004.jpg
00393-Church of The Good Shepherd, 13th May.jpg
00376-The Insight, May 2004.jpg
00394-Gala Concert, 13th July 2003.jpg
00396-St Martin's with St  Wilfrid's Church,10th July 2009.jpg
00395-St Martin, 14th February 2003.jpg