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The BYO has been offering talented young musicians in Brighton awe inspiring and life changing opportunities ever since it was founded in the late 1940’s.  We have some fantastic archive materials including photographs, programmes and videos but need your help to expand and catalogue the archive.


BYO 1980

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00129-9th November 1985 (1).jpg
00138-9th November 1985 (10).jpg
00139-9th November 1985 (11).jpg
00130-9th November 1985 (2).jpg
00131-9th November 1985 (3).jpg
00132-9th November 1985 (4).jpg
00133-9th November 1985 (5).jpg
00134-9th November 1985 (6).jpg
00135-9th November 1985 (7).jpg
00136-9th November 1985 (8).jpg
00137-9th November 1985 (9).jpg
00206-Burghley House Concerts, 1983.jpg
00140-Baralona, 14th April 1982 (2).jpg
00207-BYO 40th Birthday 14th December 1984.jpg
00141-Baralona, 14th April 1982 (3).jpg
00208-BYO 40th Birthday Party, 24th November 1984.jpg
00142-Baralona, 14th April 1982.jpg
00209-BYO Auditori Sant Francesc 15th April 1982.jpg
00143-Barcalona Palau De La Musica, 1982.jpg
00210-BYO Brighton Festival Youth Events, May 1987.jpg
00144-Barcelona 1982 (1).jpg
00211-BYO Brighton Festival, 1986.jpg
00145-Barcelona 1982 (2).jpg
00212-BYO Brighton Festival, May 1982.jpg
00146-Barcelona 1982 (3).jpg
00213-BYO Brighton Festival, May 1987.jpg
00147-Barcelona 1982 (4).jpg
00214-BYO Brighton Festival, May 1988.jpg
00148-Barcelona 1982 (5).jpg
00215-BYO Brighton Festival, May 1989.jpg
00149-Barcelona 1982 (6).jpg
00150-Barcelona 1982 (7).jpg
00216-BYO Castelnaudary Salle des Fetes 9th April 1980.jpg
00151-Barcelona 1982 (8).jpg
00217-BYO Cockcrof Brighton Polytechnic 2nd March 1989.jpg
00152-Brighton Dome, May 1982.jpg
00218-BYO General Programme.jpg
00219-BYO Hove Town Hall, 5th July 1980.jpg
00153-Budapest, 1988.jpg
00154-BYO 1989.jpg
00220-BYO Leacock Theatre, 16th April 1981.jpg
00155-Byo Concert 10th April 1980.jpg
00221-BYO Leacock Theatre, 18th April 1981.jpg
00156-BYO In France, 1982.jpg
00222-BYO Meridian Centre, 10th November 1984.jpg
00157-BYO In Rehersal, 1987.jpg
00223-BYO Petworth Festival,12-19th September 1981.jpg
00158-BYO On Tour (1988).jpg
00224-BYO Portslade Community College, 20th April, 1980.jpg
00159-David Lamper, 1981-'82.jpg
00225-BYO Queen Elizabeth Hall, 27th October 1986.jpg
00160-Deborah Crane, 1980- '81.jpg
00226-BYO Red Deer, 12th April 1981.jpg
00161-Dome, Leader Jenny Baxter, Soloist .Day.jpg
00187-Brighton and Hove Gazette, 28th March 1980.jpg
00227-BYO Rotary Club 28th June 1987.jpg
00162-Ellie Blackshaw, 1979-80.jpg
00228-BYO Rotary Club, 20th March 1983.jpg
00188-Byo tour to France 'De la belle musique' 1980.jpg
00163-Full orchestra in Concert, 1982.jpg
00229-BYO Rotary Club, 29th June 1986.jpg
00164-Montolieu Aude, 1982.jpg
00189-Byo tour to France 'Excellente concert avec les anglais de Brigthon' 1980.
00230-BYO SIlver Jubilee Concert, 4th October 1986.jpg
00165-Paris 14th November, 1987 (1).jpg
00231-BYO St John's Church, 20th July 1980.jpg
00190-Carcassonne, 4th April 1980.jpg
00166-Paris 14th November, 1987 (2).jpg
00232-BYO Teatro Comunale, 17th-18th Aprile 1984.jpg
00191-Castelnaudary De L'aude, 11th April 1980.jpg
00167-Paris 14th November, 1987 (3).jpg
00235-BYO The Dome, 20th December 1980.jpg
00125-BYO Billeting List, Tour 1981.jpg
00168-Scholarship Winners, 1989.jpg
00192-Castelnaudary, 11th April 1980.jpg
00126-BYO Letter; Robert Taylor to C. Black, 23rd June 1981.jpg
00236-BYO The Dome, 20th May 1989.jpg
00169-The Dome- 21st May 1983.jpg
00175-Brighton Festival, The Dome, 17th May 1980.jpg
00198-L'independant, 10th April, 1980.jpg
00127-BYO Newsletter 1981.jpg
00237-BYO The Dome, 23rd August 1988.jpg
00170-Tour to Yugoslavia, 1983.jpg
00199-L'independant, 11th April, 1980.jpg
00238-BYO The Dome, 25th March 1984.jpg
00128-Letter; David Grey to Christopher, 2nd May 1981.jpg
00176-BYO All Saints Church 20th June 1980.jpg
00171-Trumpet section- 1984.jpg
00193-L'independant, 1st April 1980.jpg
00177-BYO PCC Sportcenter, 28th June 1987.jpg
00233-BYO The Dome, 4th September 1985.jpg
00172-Two Flute Players1980.jpg
00194-L'independant, 1st April, 1980.jpg
00173-Vienna, 1988.jpg
00234-BYO The Dome, 9th July 1983.jpg
00178-BYO PCC Sportcenter, 29th June 1986.jpg
00195-L'independant, 4th April, 1980.jpg
00174-Wendy South of France,1987.jpg
00239-BYO Tour 14th-16th April 1982.jpg
00179-BYO Salle des Fetes de St-Affrique, 2nd April 1980.jpg
00240-BYO Tour 26th March-6th April 1986.jpg
00196-L'independant, 6th April, 1980.jpg
00180-BYO Saltdean, 6th February 1980.jpg
00241-BYO Tour to Canada 1981.jpg
00181-BYO St Bartholomews Church, 8th July 1984.jpg
00197-L'independant, 8th April 1980.jpg
00182-BYO The Dome, Saturday 9th July 1983.jpg
00243-BYO Tour to L'aude 11th-12th April 1982.jpg
00200-L'independant, BYO Tour to France 1980.jpg
00183-Festival iernacional de Orquestas de Jovenes Murcia, 12-18th April
00242-BYO Tour to L'aude 1st April 1980.jpg
00203-La Depeche Aude, 10th April 1980.jpg
00184-Queen Elizabeth Hall, 27th October 1986.jpg
00245-BYOTeatro Moderno, 21st April 1984.jpg
00201-La Depeche Aude, 8th April 1980.jpg
00185-The Dome Christmas Carol, 20th December 80s.jpg
00246-Comune Di Ravenna, 20th April 1984.jpg
00186-The Dome, 20th June 1982.jpg
00202-La Depeche Aude, 9th April 1980.jpg
00247-Double Piano Recital St Mary's Hall, 13th October 1985.jpg
00204-La Depeche, 8th April 1980.jpg
00248-Peter Sulski 19th July 1986.jpg
00249-Saltdean Music Club, 9th March 1987.jpg
00205-Midi Libre, 4th April 1980.jpg
00250-St George's English Wine Summer Program, 16th August 1981.jpg
00251-The Dome, 17th May 1980.jpg
00252-Tour to France 1980.jpg
00253-Youth Concert St John Sub Castro, 19th September 1981.jpg