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The BYO has been offering talented young musicians in Brighton awe inspiring and life changing opportunities ever since it was founded in the late 1940’s.  We have some fantastic archive materials including photographs, programmes and videos but need your help to expand and catalogue the archive.


BYO 1970

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00124-Tour- Ville de Luxembourg,1974.jpg
00001-'Nothing defeatist about this display'.jpg
00002-(Sideways) Newton Bee, 2nd September 1977.jpg
00003-Aberdeen Festival Disco.jpg
00004-Aberdeen Festival, Simon Ayling.jpg
00005-Aberdeen, Venezuelen National Youth Orchestra.jpg
00006-Bridgeport Sunday Post, August 1977.jpg
00012-Brighton and Hove Gazette, 12th July 1975.jpg
00013-Brighton and Hove Gazette, 12th September 1975.jpg
00014-Brighton and Hove Gazette, 20th July 1974.jpg
00015-Brighton and Hove Gazette, 27th August 1976.jpg
00016-Brighton and Hove Gazette, 28th November 1975.jpg
00009-Brighton and Hove Gazette, 2nd November 1979.jpg
00010-Brighton and Hove Gazette, 3rd October 1975.jpg
00011-Brighton and Hove Gazette, 9th April1976.jpg
00007-Brighton and Hove Gazette- Bryan Vickers, 6th February 1976.jpg
00008-Brighton and Hove Gazette- Hove Town Hall, 5th December 1975.jpg
00017-Byo in Wermelskirchen, 26th July 1974.jpg
00018-BYO on Tour, 29th July 1974.jpg
00019-BYO Tour to Germany 1974.jpg
00020-Croydon paper- Schools Prom.jpg
00035-Evening Argus, 10th September 1977.jpg
00036-Evening Argus, 16th August 1977.jpg
00037-Evening Argus, 16th July 1977.jpg
00038-Evening Argus, 17th July 1976.jpg
00039-Evening Argus, 17th March 1978.jpg
00040-Evening Argus, 17th May 1976.jpg
00041-Evening Argus, 17th September, 1974.jpg
00042-Evening Argus, 18th August 1976.jpg
00029-Evening Argus, 1st April 1976.jpg
00043-Evening Argus, 21st Janurary 1977.jpg
00044-Evening Argus, 21st July 1977.jpg
00045-Evening Argus, 24th June 1975.jpg
00030-Evening Argus, 2nd December 1975.jpg
00031-Evening Argus, 7th August 1974.jpg
00032-Evening Argus, 7th November 1975.jpg
00033-Evening Argus, 8th December 1978.jpg
00034-Evening Argus, 8th February 1977.jpg
00021-Evening Argus- Alarm clock, 28th November 1975.jpg
00022-Evening Argus- Dame Flora, 24th January 1977.jpg
00023-Evening Argus- David Gray, 26th February 1976.jpg
00024-Evening Argus- Margaret Newman, 15th January 1976.jpg
00025-Evening Argus- Peter Francomb, 24th August 1976.jpg
00026-Evening Argus- Portugal, 22nd February 1979.jpg
00027-Evening Argus- Pram Race, 3rd August 1976.jpg
00028-Evening Argus- Shakespeare, 26th July 1976.jpg
00047-Evening Express, 11th August 1976.jpg
00048-Evening Express, 12th August 1976.jpg
00049-Evening Express, 13th August 1976.jpg
00050-Evening Express, 14th August 1976.jpg
00046-Evening Express- Nigerian group, 6th August 1976.jpg
00056-France Concert, July 1975.jpg
00051-France Concert_2, July 1975.jpg
00052-France Concert_3, July 1975.jpg
00053-France Concert_4, July 1975.jpg
00054-France Concert_5, July 1975.jpg
00055-France Concert_6, July 1975.jpg
00058-Gowanda News and Observer, 16th September 1977.jpg
00057-Gowanda News and Observer, 2nd September 1977.jpg
00059-Gowanda USA, 19th August 1977.jpg
00060-Gowanda USA, 26th August 1977.jpg
00061-Guardian, 12th September 1977.jpg
00062-Harland sisters.jpg
00063-IFYO, Dame Flora, IYO, BYO.jpg
00064-Letter J.Roper 6th August 1974.jpg
00065-Levitt Pavilion, 24th and 25th  August 1977.jpg
00066-Levitt Pavilion, 27 August 1977.jpg
00067-Luremburger Wort, 7th August 1974.jpg
00068-Review- Hans Karl Pesch, 26th August 1974.jpg
00069-Review- Thomas Wintgen 26th August 1974.jpg
00070-Stadt und Land Wermelskirchen, 26th July 1974.jpg
00071-Star Gazette, 3rd September 1977.jpg
00072-Star Gazette, 5th September 1977.jpg
00073-The Mid Sussex Times, 8th January 1976.jpg
00074-The News-Times, 31st August 1977.jpg
00076-The Newtown Bee, 2nd September 1977.jpg
00075-The Newtown Bee- USA, 26th August 1977.jpg
00081-The Press and Journal, 11th August 1976.jpg
00077-The Press and Journal- Dame Flora, 10th August 1976.jpg
00078-The Press and Journal- IFYO, 13th August 1976.jpg
00079-The Press and Journal- IFYO, 14th August 1976.jpg
10001-BYO Portslade Sports Centre, Card, 11th April 1976.jpg
00080-The Press and Journal- Triplets, 13th August 1976.jpg
10002-BYO Saint-Michel, Luxembourg 26th July 1974.jpg
00082-The Times Educational Supplement, 26th July 1974.jpg
10003-BYO The Dome Brighton, 8th July 1978.jpg
10007-BYO The Dome, 14th February 1977.jpg
00083-The Times Educational Supplement, 26th September 1975.jpg
10008-BYO The Dome, 23rd March.jpg
00084-The Times- Schools Prom, 7th November 1975.jpg
10004-BYO The Dome, 6th December 1977.jpg
10005-BYO The Dome, 7th July 1979.jpg
00085-The Times- Schools Prom, November 1975.jpg
10006-BYO The Dome, 8th May 1976.jpg
00086-The Westport News- Levitt Pavilion, 26th August 1977.jpg
10009-BYO Theatre Du Grand Casino, 23rd July 1975.jpg
10010-BYO Theatre Du Grand Casino, 23rd July.jpg
00087-Wermelskirchener 24th July 1974.jpg
10011-BYO Wermelskirchen 24th July 1974.jpg
00088-Wermelskirchener Anzeiger 23rd July 1974.jpg
10012-Christmas Course, 6th Janurary 1976.jpg
10013-Dream of Gerontius, Sunday 25th March.jpg
00090-Westport News, 2nd September 1977.jpg
10014-Fund Raiser 5th June 1976.jpg
00089-Westport News- Comment,  2nd September 1977.jpg
10015-GCS Auditorium, 8th September 1977.jpg
10016-Margret Newman Brighton & Hove Hight School, 20th Janurary 1976.jpg
10017-Portslade Sports Centre, 27th April 1975.jpg
10018-Saxaphone Quartet 13th April.jpg
10019-St John's Church, 28th March 1976.jpg
10020-The Corn Exchange, 25th Fenruary 1976.jpg
10021-The Lamb Inn, 20th December 1975.jpg
00091-BYO 10th April 1979.jpg
00092-BYO Angers, 30th July 1975.jpg
00093-BYO Brighton Centre, 18th February 1978.jpg
00094-BYO Brighton Festival 1970.jpg
00095-BYO Brighton Festival 1974.jpg
00096-BYO Brighton Festival 1975.jpg
00097-BYO Brighton Festival 1979.jpg
00098-BYO Discription and Introduction to the Orchestra.jpg
00099-BYO Gardner Centre, 4th July 1975.jpg
00100-BYO Glyndebourne, 10th October.jpg
00101-BYO Perpignan, 26th July 1975.jpg
00102-BYO Portslade Sports Centre, 11th April 1976.jpg
00103-BYO Preston Parish Church, 11th December.jpg
00104-BYO The Dome 8th &15th May 1976.jpg
00107-BYO The Dome, 23rd March 1978.jpg
00105-BYO The Dome, 8th December 1978.jpg
00106-BYO The Dome, 8th July 1978.jpg
00108-BYO, Saltdean Middle School 24th February 1978.jpg
00109-Friday 4th July.jpg
00110-Henfield Village Hall, 12th March 1977.jpg
00111-Paris, 20th July 1975.jpg
00112-Pavilion Theater 3rd July 1975.jpg
00113-Portslade Sports Centre, 27th April 1975.jpg
00114-Royal Festival Hall, 11th Sptrember 1977.jpg
00115-S The Dome, 14th February.jpg
00116-s Tour- France 1975.jpg
00117-Schools Christmas The Dome, 6th December 1977.jpg
00118-Senior Orchestral Course, 2nd-4th January 1975.jpg
00119-St John the Baptist Church, 30th October 1976.jpg
00121-The Dome, 17th May 1975.jpg
00120-The Dome, 8th July 1978.jpg
00122-The International Festival of Youth Orchestras 1970.jpg
00123-Tour 22 July- 2nd August 1974.jpg